4-DAY SAAM / HUNT COMBO • $4,450 per person
This course is designed to allow students to hunt on the FTW Ranch and receive 18 to 22 hours of SAAM Precision Intense and/or SAAM Safari training. The first day consists solely of SAAM training. The remaining days are split between SAAM training midday and hunting in the mornings and evenings. This course is perfect for students who would like to sharpen their skills by hunting and training at the same time. During the hunt, students are able to apply the skills learned and practiced on the range earlier that day – seeing immediate results. You will have the opportunity to shoot approximately 140 – 160 rounds on FTW’s ranges. Be prepared, this Combo course is a very fast paced and intense 4 days. Trophy fees and hunting seasons do apply, so please refer to FTW RANCH TROPHY FEES for additional details.

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