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How many guests will be at the FTW while I am there and how many students in my class?
Can the FTW be used for private corporate or family groups?
How do we get around the FTW Ranch?
How many ranges and what types of target systems does the FTW Ranch have?
What can you expect for the weather and temperatures?
What does the schedule look like for a typical day?
How big is the FTW Ranch and what is the terrain like?
Do Military units train on the FTW and can I shoot their targets?
Is the FTW High Fenced?
Is Tipping required?
Can I ship my luggage, guns and ammunition to the Ranch?
Can you ship my guns and ammunition back to me?
What is included in my package?
What are the rooms like and am I expected to stay with someone that I do not know?
What if I forget to pack a personal item?
What entertainment/communications are available in the lodge?
What are the meals like?
What if I have allergies to certain foods?
Is there a bar at the lodge? And if so, what is it stocked with?
What are the bar hours and rules regarding liquor?
Can I keep liquor in my room?
What if I don't drink liquor? Are there non-alcoholic beverages available?
Can I bring a pet to the Ranch?
What are the best airports to use?
How far from the San Antonio Airport is the FTW Ranch?
What if I am driving, what is the best way to get there?
What time do I need to arrive at the lodge on the arrival date?
What time should I fly in and out of San Antonio?
When should I plan to depart?
Is SAAM Precision Long Distance Hunter Training?
Are Observers welcome? What can they do while there?
Is there a minimum age requirement?
Can I send my child or grandchild by themselves?
Is there a minimum Class Size and can I have a private class?
Can my whole family come?
What will my exposure to the Sun be?
Do I need a canteen?
Can I bring my spotting scope and binoculars?
Can or should I bring my shooting sticks?
Why do I need a Backpack?
What if I am not happy with my gun or my scope, or if either of them breaks while there?
Can I come through the training and not bring a gun and just rent one?
How many rounds will I shoot during the SAAM Courses?
What kind of ammunition should I bring?
Do you promote any certain brands of ammunition, guns or scopes?
Do you stock ammunition, guns and scopes and if so can I purchase it there?
Can I bring my Semi-Auto Rifle to SAAM?
Why do you have the species you have and are the trophies we hunt on the ranch wild?
Do I need a hunting license to hunt on the FTW and where can I get one?
How are the hunts conducted?
Am I pretty much guaranteed I will get the trophy I came for?
What if I wound my trophy, do I still pay a trophy fee?
Will you process my trophy and what about my trophy cape and horns?
Can I donate the meat?
What calibers are best to hunt with on the FTW?
If hunting whitetail deer, how many should I expect to see?
Why are blinds and feeders on the ranch? How many are there?
Will I need hiking boots while at the FTW? - Official African Hunter Education Courses   Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance'