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FTW Operations
1802 Horse Hollow Rd
Barksdale, TX 78828-1134
(830) 234-4366

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Fast Facts about FTW Ranch

FTW comprises a team that operates hunting adventures and the SAAM Training courses on the FTW Ranch. The FTW Ranch offers an exceptional fair-chase hunting experience on over 12,000 acres of rugged hills and valleys in the southwest region of the Texas Hill Country.  The FTW Ranch provides an ideal habitat for trophy-class whitetail deer and wild, introduced exotic species to thrive and grow as they would in their indigenous environments.

SAAM Training courses specialize in training and preparing hunters of ALL levels for any worldwide hunting adventure, costly and dangerous or otherwise.  Diverse ranges situated throughout the FTW Ranch, feature angled shooting, excellent wind calling opportunities, and animated, life-size, interactive target systems – all of which are designed to sharpen skills, quicken reaction time, and maintain alertness in the field.

12,000 + Acres, REAL County, Texas- 1802 Horse Hollow Road, Barksdale, TX 78828 830-234-4366

Ranch Road 335 (Edwards County) to County Road 228 Dead ends at FTW Ranch front gate in REAL County.
Emergency rear exit in case of flood backs into Edwards and Real Counties.

The FTW Ranch is surrounded by 32 miles of 8 ft. High-Security Fence. Secure access points under camera surveillance. Secure lodge, 21 cabins, 5,000 Sq. Ft. Maintenance/Storage building, and 1,000 Sq. Ft. secure munitions storage. Security cameras around living/storage areas.


Very mountainous/rugged country with 115 Miles of drivable (by 4-wheel drive) roads, with another 45 miles of 4-wheeler/Hiking trails. Elevation, 1,750ft. To 2,250ft, 4,000DA (2,000ft.-80F)

Seven (7) Helicopter Landing sites and EVAC plan in force. Life Flight from Kerrville Texas.

100% in-house radio with two private channels as well as local law enforcement access. Five (5) Land Lines and three Wi-Fi via Fiber-Optic systems.

Thirteen (13) guest cabins, 30 beds. Each cabin has its own private bath and is fully air-conditioned and heated. Eight (8) crew quarters cabins to support staff. Linens are checked daily & changed by group or sooner upon request.

Guest Capacity
Full kitchen/meal services that serve up to 30 guests and crew with full 3 meals daily. Classroom with 24 student seating with complete audio/visual capabilities.

Three meals served daily: Breakfast: Custom-made egg choices, meats as well as starch items, along with a variety of cereal and fruit choices. Lunch: Hamburgers, Chef Salads w/choice of meats, Pizza, Club Sandwiches w/soup/chips, BLT/Soup/Chips, Casseroles, Barbecue sandwiches with onion rings w/lighter choices for lower carbs served at each meal. Dinner: Ribs/Sausage, Brisket, Mexican enchiladas and fajitas, steaks, seafood, stuffed chicken, all served with soup, salad, and 2 vegetables minimum and a variety of breads/desserts.