4-Day SAAM Advanced

5 Nights / 4 Days

$5,450 p/p

(Under 21 at time of course is 50% off)


This fast-paced and intense course is designed for previous graduates of our SAAM 4-Day Precision or Safari courses who would like to elevate their shooting skills using advanced skills to go to the next level. We will utilize Kestrels to assist in both ballistic knowledge and wind calling training. We summarize basics quickly and verify range cards with your rifles, with the remainder of the course focusing on movers, intense wind calling, target acquisition training, Advanced Positional training, and other skill development drills. We will stretch out the distance shot in a normal Precision Course to enhance your skill set. This includes the popular “Hair in the Scope” drill and using smoke indicators for wind call training. You can purchase a Kestrel here at the ranch or bring your own. We recommend a 5700 Elite or newer model with “Applied Ballistics” or “4DOF”. Students can expect to shoot 240+ rounds of ammunition. Please limit the number of guns to 2 guns, as you will be very busy in the field with drills and building your own “Worldwide Range Card TM.”  We always fall to the level of our training!


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