2-Day SAAM Safari Prep

3 Nights / 2 Days

$3,950 p/p

(Under 21 at time of course is 50% off)


This very busy, abbreviated Safari course is designed for SAAM Safari graduates to stay tuned up before each big hunt or those with limited time and offers 20 hours of intense training. Most of the first day is dedicated to Precision training, with the entire course focusing on your weapon systems, ballistics, fundamentals of marksmanship, shooting positions, shot placement, reading wind and on the fly decision-making. The second day will big-bore training geared towards dangerous game. You will train on life-sized moving targets necessary to simulate the unique stresses of hunting Dangerous Game. Along with classroom time, this course also utilizes different ranges and a dangerous game course with moving targets. Whether you’re a novice or an seasoned Safari hunter, your PH and guides will appreciate your investment in this training. Please bring your medium caliber rifle, the large bore gun you intend to use on your hunt, and 160 rounds of ammunition combined. Please bring ONLY these 2 guns for this course. You will leave with quality gear given to you including shoulder pads, shooting glove, hearing protection and range cards for the guns you bring and much more. Perfect before that next big hunt or just because you enjoy getting charged by buffalo and elephants!!

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