To Everyone at FTW, words can’t describe how appreciative I am of the outstanding instruction I received when I attended the SAAM Precision Rifle Course. Attached is a picture of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep I took in Utah that completed my Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.  When it came time to make the shot it all came together just like you taught me – 450 yards with a steep uphill angle.  One shot and the ram was down. As you know, there is a lot of pressure in a situation like this.  You have a lot of money invested in a tag, outfitter fees, travel, etc.  Plus, you don’t have many chances when you are sheep hunting.  You just can’t afford a miss or worse to wound a sheep. It’s good to know that despite that pressure, the fundamentals I learned at the Precision Rifle Course are so imbedded (I can recite them from memory) that I had such confidence I could make the shot.  The credit all goes to the folks at FTW. Tim, thank you enough for creating such a fantastic facility to learn, the great instructors, and of course, a special thanks to the ladies who keep it all running.  I can’t wait to get back to FTW.”